A car title loan is very easy to understand. The basic requirement is to have a car that’s in a good working condition, get the necessary documents and apply for a car title loan. Here are the simple ways a car title loan works: • Step One: Fill out the application form so you can discover the loan amount you are eligible for. Note: your bad credit score doesn’t stop you from getting our loan. • Step Two: Get all the requested document s and forward it to our email, or take it to our nearest office location to you. • Step Three: Come to our office and get your funds. We are always available, even on weekends. You should have your document ready when you come to our office. While you are signing the loan documents, we are also inspecting your car simultaneously. Within fifteen minutes, you are on your way out of our office in your car, but with cash or cheque. Remember you can drive your car around even with the loan, we only seek for your car title, not the car itself.

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